Some discussion about 'ROGUE - Oceans' / Monstercat

Today multigenre music label Monstercat announced new release called 'Oceans' by ROGUE on twitter. And here you can read some discussion between CEO of Monsteract Mike Darlington @Darlington and twitter user and listener @railyx_. Here is: 

In some case if twitter doesn't work properly:

"@Monstercat: More Making a connection no matter the distance @RogueMoosic has an extraordinary song to share with you, “Oceans” on #MonstercatInstinct! 🎧

 @railyx_: pretty sad that monstercat still supports this pro-life piece of garbage

 @Darlington: I personally may not agree with his opinion but I have to respect that people have different points of view.

 @railyx:_ see i definitely get where you're coming from here. however, you have to realize that by promoting the work of someone whose opinion represents a mindset that has gotten innocent people harassed, attacked, even killed, you are - willingly or not - giving that mindset a platform.

@Darlington Every artist on the label has different opinions, religions etc where people around the world have been hurt. Unless someone specifically does something to hurt someone then we can not be judge, jury and executioner. Joel is a good man with his own life views

 @railyx_ you're absolutely right, everyone does have and is entitled to their own opinions/beliefs. in this case though, a statement of rogue's just so happened to find its way onto my timeline, and thus i was made aware of it. i don't go around purposely looking for peoples' -- ‏

@railyx_: -- shitty opinions, i get enough of those without effort on a daily basis. i'm talking specifically about rogue here. just because everyone has opinions doesn't mean to not call out someone specific for theirs in particular.

 @Darlington: And you're more than welcome to call out things you disagree with. I am choosing not to pick public fights with people I care about due to our differences"

Here is track: