Shadient - Leidenfrost (Krayysh Remix)

New MidTempo remix on Shadient track called 'Leidenfrost'. This was remixed by Electronic producer named krayysh. 

This aggressive musical genre appeared because of the need to give the alternative scene some music suitable for club setting. Metal is the kind of music that tastes best when experienced live – but it is not the ideal music to be played in clubs, not really a good music to dance to. And here comes dark electro / industrial, perfect for dancefloors and clubs. It still has some elements of metal, like harsh vocals, it is still hard to digest for people from the outside world, but it also has all those elements which keep a good party going. Important thing is, that dark electro / industrial is a DJ-able kind of music. There is little scope for DJ-ing in rock/metal – in dark electronic you can use all the tricks from the techno scene – and get away with it. Ok, we would not recommend scratching, but apart from this everything else is allowed. Obviously alternative Djs jumped at the opportunity to get the best from dark independent and techno worlds.