A lot of you “Head bangers” don’t know where this logo comes from and it shows.

Text variant:

@ChiefRiddim: This wasn’t used for only headbangers. This was used for literally any type of song on YouTube. But you got a few good likes though.

@josh_ramirez400: Go ahead and search up UKF on YouTube and lmk what you see. You got a few likes tho ☺️

@ChiefRiddim: But that’s not just ufk that’s bassboosted

@josh_ramirez400: UKF has a heavy roots in D&B and the golden age of dub. Literally the reason for the post. But I guess you didn’t know that. #Plur

@_kaliedoscope: When I see this I see: Eyes on fire remix - @zedsdead

@derekhailey5: Facts!

@Michael3Sosa: Amen

@AllenCurioso: Blue Foundation- Eyes on Fire 🔥🔥🔥

@wiltdabeast: I just remember seeing that on YouTube videos for dubstep in like 2012